Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lets get this ball rollin

Well first off I miss you all like crazy!!! Secondly I am the most incredible teachers to work with ever. They are so full of incredible ideas. I just wanted to take a minute to share a few with you. If you want to know a few more details about them, just contact me. And thirdly I figured we created this thing so we might as well use it... now that i finally remembered my password.

For Child Development Classes-

Having the students feed each other baby food, just like they are feeding a child.

Here is a great opener when you are teaching about the different parenting styles. Use a rock, jello, and a rubber band, and go over the different characteristics of each and how they are similar to each different parenting style. Like Authoritarian is the rock, they are rough, none forgiving, and controlling. There is a whole list of these, for each different categories so let me know if anyone wants them.

Interior Design-

When talking about the color wheel give students sugar cookies, can of frosting, and red, yellow,and blue food coloring, and have them create the color wheel.

Adult Living-

When talking about the aging process have a aging party.( oh my gosh funniest thing ever) Put Vaseline on the glasses, tape some peoples fingers together, put tape over some mouths(These represent different impurities you can face when you are older) and give them some very bland foods to each. Have them do activities that elderly people would do. ( I know this sounds confusing, but it is very beneficial, and hilarious.)

And if you are teaching resumes, which can be very boring I came up with an activity where I put together a fake resume and then cut it apart into pieces, and then included some things you wouldn't put in a resume like a picture and birthday. Then I had the students get in groups and made it a contest to see who could put the resume together correctly first. Then we discussed what things include and not put on a resume.

Seriously I really would like to hear some fun ideas that everyone is coming up with, I am in desperate need of fun activities I could use with my ninth graders. Here are a few pictures I had to remind everyone of our good times together!!!
With much love Allison

Ps I think I need to work on my whole blogging skills, so sorry it is all crazy!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Methods Class picture!

Hey Girls! Here is the class picture we took. I will try to post more from other things we did this semester. Did any of you get some good pictures from our luncheon? If so post them:) Love you girls! * you can click on pictures to make them bigger then save it! Enjoy!